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The Static-99R

The Static-99R is the most widely used sexual offender risk assessment instrument in the world, used extensively in North America, Europe, and Australia.  It is an actuarial measure which means it makes predictions through the use of statistics. Insurance companies often use actuarials to calculate financial risk. 


While licensed mental health professionals typically administer the Static-99R as part of an assessment, parole agents and probation officers are also commonly trained in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the instrument.  At least eight hours of training is necessary to accurately administer, score, and interpret the Static-99R, although regular ongoing administrations are important to maintain reliable and valid scoring skills.  Dr. Fox conducts regular in-person trainings on the Static-99R for groups and organizations, as well regular live webinars through the Global Institute of Forensic Research. A current webinar schedule is available by clicking HERE. 


While the instrument appears simple to score on its face, it is not.  The scoring rules are complex and unfortunately scoring errors occur far too often.  If you or someone you know lives in a jurisdiction where a Static-99R score determines a registration tier or community supervision level, it may be prudent to determine if the Static-99R has been scored correctly.  Consider using a scoring tool such as the eSTATIC-99R available from The Global Institute of Forensic Research.  You may also create an Excel formula to decrease errors.  A link to an Excel file is included below but please note this is a beta version.  Please email me with corrections/suggestions.


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