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Forensic Services

Expert Witness Testimony

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Dr. Fox is a qualified expert witness in a number of areas.  He frequently testifies across the country in civil commitment proceedings.  Also available as a prosecution and defense expert, having evaluated hundreds of individuals for sexual behaviors, violent offenses, and child pornography possession, he is a skilled expert who communicates well with the trier of fact.  Using his background in education, he presents in a manner that is clear and easy to understand.  Additionally, Dr. Fox's experience in the courtroom as an attorney and his understanding of the law provide him with many advantages as an expert.  

Psychological Evaluations

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Trained as a clinical psychologist and certified on a wide array of psychological instruments, Dr. Fox is able to conduct a variety of psychological evaluations including, sexually violent predator/sexually dangerous person, violence risk, sexual recidivism risk, psychological hardship, malingering, treatment amenability, juvenile threat assessment, and more.

Case Consultation

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Dr. Fox is available for case consultation on civil, criminal, and court-martial proceedings.  Able to evaluate opposing experts' reports, psychological instrument scoring, and diagnostic conclusions, as well as assist in the preparation of cross examination, Dr. Fox's legal acumen and experience in the courtroom as an attorney and as an expert are invaluable resources.  

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