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Erik Fox

Dr. Fox is a licensed psychologist and attorney with more than 30 years' experience in the field of forensic risk assessment for sexual and violent offenders. This includes outpatient treatment and evaluation of juvenile and adult male sex offenders on community supervision at the county, state, and federal levels. It also includes conducting Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) and Mentally Disordered Offender evaluations in California, Sexually Dangerous Individual evaluations for North Dakota, SVP evaluations for Washington, and Sexually Dangerous Person (SDP) evaluations for Minnesota and the United States Attorneys' Office.  Dr. Fox has also served as a Quality Assurance and Training Specialist in civil commitment matters.  He regularly testifies as an expert witness in civil commitment trials.  

In 2001, Dr. Fox joined the faculty at the University of Phoenix in San Diego.  He taught graduate-level courses for 17 years and served on the governance board for the College of Social Sciences for 15 years.

Dr. Fox regularly provides trainings on the administration, scoring, and interpretation of the Static-99R.    

  • Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychology is the interaction of the practice of psychology and the law. Psychologists working in this area of applied work often interface with prisons, law enforcement, attorneys, and the courts.  


Dr. Fox began working in a forensic setting in 1990 when he completed a practicum for STEPS, an adolescent sex offender treatment program in which most of the participants were court ordered into treatment.  

Dr. Fox completed a dissertation in 1994 for completion of his Ph.D.  He conducted research on adolescent sexual offenders who were incarcerated or court ordered into treatment.

In 1996, Dr. Fox became licensed as a psychologist in California and opened a private practice with a specialization in forensics.  He regularly conducts evaluations related to such issues as psychological hardship, immigration, civil matters, criminal matters, military law, and risk assessment, among others.

In 2002, Dr. Fox took on the role as the director of a sexual offender treatment program where he evaluated and treated high risk sex offenders on California State Parole.  


In 2007, Dr. Fox began conducting SVP Evaluations for the California DSH. To date he has completed over 900 clinical screenings and 800 face-to-face evaluations, he has testified as an expert witness in 15 counties, and he regularly conducts trainings regarding the assessment process.  In 2016 Dr. Fox became licensed as a psychologist in North Dakota and began conducting Sexually Dangerous Individual Evaluations for North Dakota State Hospital.  In 2017 he became licensed in Minnesota and Washington where he conducts Sexually Dangerous Individual and Sexually Violent Predator evaluations.  In 2022 Dr. Fox began conducting Federal civil commitment evaluations under the Adam Walsh Act.  

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Dr. Fox is well respected by the San Diego County Courts.  His ability to provide thorough psychological evaluations on a wide range of behaviors and issues is unparalleled.  

David Baker

Criminal Defense Attorney

Erik, the Probation Department, and in particular the officers and staff who were able to attend your training would like to thank you and express our appreciation for you contribution.

Lisa Donohoo

Director, San Diego County Probation

Dr. Fox has provided significant clinical, research-academic, and numerous ongoing contributions to the division that have been immeasurable, and invaluable.  

Dr. Brian Andres

Chief Psychologist, Department of State Hospitals

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  • Educator

Dr. Fox joined the faculty of the University of Phoenix at the San Diego campus in 2001.   Shortly thereafter, he joined the governance team for the College of Social Sciences and began to chair the practicum program for marriage and family therapist students.  The University approved Dr. Fox to teach 27 courses at the graduate level, including psychopharmacology, legal and ethical issues in counseling, and psychopathology.  Dr. Fox developed curriculum, sat on disciplinary panels, developed websites for the University, was awarded Faculty Member of the Year in 2004, and received the Faculty Scholarship of Integration Award in 2011.

In 2015, Dr. Fox began providing live trainings via webinar for the Global Institute of Forensic Research.  He has provided seminars on Law and Ethics, as well as regular eight-hour trainings on the Static-99R, a sex offender risk assessment tool.  Dr. Fox is also a certified SARATSO trainer for the Static-99R.



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Dr. Fox is an evaluator and trainer of unparalleled skill.  His extensive knowledge base combined with his clinical acumen make him a true ressource to the field of forensic assessment.  I could not speak more highly of him nor recommend him more strongly to those seeking consultancy.

Jay P. Singh, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO Global Instiute of Forensic Research

Erik, you are personable, reliable, conscientious, and you have a great sense of humor.  You have helped build a sense of community in the college, and you consistently receive outstanding evaluations of your work.  Thank you for all you contribute to the University.  We are very lucky to have you!

Dr. Lynn Lunceford

College Campus Chair, School of Social Sciences, University of Phoenix

This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended, in-person or online. Dr. Fox was articulate and clearly knew the contents at the expert-level. I would not hesitate to recommend his training to others and I would love to take his workshop again.

Shoko Kokubun, Ph.D.

Sex Offender Treatment Coordinator, Napa State Hospital

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  • Attorney at Law

Dr. Fox obtained his law degree from California Western School of law in 1997.  He became licensed as an attorney later that same year and is certified to practice in California State Courts as well as in the Federal courts in the Southern District of California.  Dr. Fox practiced Family Law after obtaining licensure as an attorney and also specialized in mediation and arbitration.  While no longer practicing family law, Dr. Fox does consult on legal matters with a psychological aspect and maintains an active law license in California.  

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